Typical sessions

Initial appointment:

An initial appointment usually takes 90 minutes and typically contains the following key parts:

  1. Administration (review and signing of the Statement of Informed Consent, checking Client and payment information is correct, etc)
  2. Developing a shared understanding the key concerns that lead to an appointment 
  3. Getting to know each other a little so we can decide how we can work together to address those concerns
  4. Identifying some shared goals for therapy 


Subsequent appointments:

Subsequent sessions typically last 50 minutes. They usually begin with a check on wellbeing and an opportunity to raise issues arising since the last appointment and your priorities for the appointment to develop a loose agenda for the appointment.

This agenda will usually include time to review strategies used since the previous session and any data that may have been recorded. This is a valuable way of checking what has worked and revising strategies for the days ahead. These may involve being mindful of thoughts and emotions, holding unhelpful thoughts lightly, practising relaxation or awareness techniques, or identifying techniques to trial. The focus is always on developing strategies for change and checking if these strategies are effective.

Appointments usually end with an opportunity for you to provide feedback on the session – both what worked well and what didn’t. Dr Tim uses your feedback to adjust what he does in subsequent sessions to try to make your therapy as effective and helpful as he can.