Telehealth Tips

While most appointments are scheduled to occur in-person, occasionally online appointments are scheduled using Coviu, a secure Australian telehealth company. While Telehealth consultations can be more convenient, they may sometimes feel less engaging than face-to-face consultations. Here are a few tips to help optimise your telehealth experience.


  • Set up the device you will use in a location where you have privacy and feel secure.
  • Before your appointment, think about what is visible to your webcam – turn around and have a look to see what’s behind you. You may want to change where your camera points or move some of your things. After clicking on your appointment link, take a moment to review your webcam image to double check it is all OK.
  • Try to have your appointments in the same location each time – this will help move you into therapy mode faster (and make checking your space easier).
  • Choose a seat that is comfortable and have some tissues nearby. Perhaps also a glass of water or a hot drink.


  • In your home environment it is easier to be distracted. Limit distractions caused by food, other people, pets or external noise (including music).
  • Using earphones is highly recommended.
  • Close down other apps and website tabs.
  • Where possible, close doors and windows so others cannot interrupt you.
  • Please do not undertake therapy in your car or a public place.


  • Ensure you are ready a few minutes prior to your appointment so you don’t feel rushed.
  • Log in to the virtual waiting room and allow yourself to consider anything you wish to raise during your appointment.
  • When you click on the link for your appointment you will be taken to an online “Waiting room”. Note that you can turn off the waiting room music if you don’t like it.


  • As always, please raise any concerns during your appointment. These may be related to what is being discussed but may also be about the technology, the audio or visual quality, feelings of discomfort (physical or emotional) or anything else that is disturbing you.